Adobe AEM 6.4 - what's new for digital business teams?

By Mukesh Kumar

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4 already released in April 2018 to empower brands to reach consumers across the full range of devices and channels they employ. This latest release accelerates the delivery of amazing experiences for customers through a focus on cloud scale & security, fluid experiences, content intelligence, and marketing & IT velocity.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, AEM 6.4 automates the management and delivery of personalized content, empowering marketers to work smarter and faster with artificial intelligence. 

As few customers still trying to analyze the ROI (Return on investment) on upgrade to the newly launched version. As a partner of Adobe, we have tried to summarize latest capabilities that can increase efficiencies and effectiveness of digital business teams:

Cloud scale & security

AEM 6.4 empowers brands to create one of the most scalable and secure cloud solutions that help in faster go to market with few state-of-the-art features:

  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline for deployment.
  • Code Inspection, testing and security validation based on best practices.
  • New self-service portal to manage your cloud environment.
  • Deployment scheduling which help to achieve your business process.

Fluid Experiences

Fluid experiences enable customer to optimally create experiences across a wide range of touch points and formats. Some of feature of fluid experiences include:

  • Author responsive, personal experiences for all screen.
  • Create and launch experiences using premade components and styles.
  • Intelligently Adapt content.
  • Deliver Optimized experiences across touchpoints.
  • Reuse web experiences, create variations for in-venue displays.

Content Intelligence

With the use of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence framework, AEM 6.4 optimize the content layout and surface the most engaging content within a page based on analytics and personalize content based on audience engagement preferences. You can read more detail about Adobe Sensei on Adobe website. Some of the newly introduce key features which helps brands to work better, smarter and faster.

  • Smart layout using Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence framework.
  • Automatically detect focal point and crop in any image.
  • Instantaneous keyword translation delivering results across languages.

Marketing IT & Velocity

Adobe AEM 6.4 is focused on helping brands increase marketing velocity and collaboration amongst teams.

  • Introduce experiences with lightning speed.
  • Production ready core components as open source to speed up the development.
  • Create a single template and reuse across websites.
  • Integrate impactful data into existing communications.
  • For responsive, channel optimized communications.
  • Create, schedule and manage content on or offline.

Looking for a capable partner to help your organization upgrade and get the most out of the latest version of AEM? Is so learn more about our Adobe AEM services, or contact our team.

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