Alchemy 0.8.1 Release Announcement

By Josh Hebb

The Alchemy Team is pleased to announce the release of Alchemy4Tridion version 0.8.1. The recent release refines and improves on Alchemy’s development with the latest enhancements of Alchemy4Tridion, Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack, and NuGet package.

Alchemy is a plugin framework that let users rapidly develop enterprise CMS solutions using the SDL Tridion/SDL Web platform.

Alchemy4Tridion version 0.8.1 includes:

  • Added support for 3rd Party DLL’s in plugins, which allows plugin authors to keep specific DLL’s inside of their A4T plugin package
  • A4T Webstore and UI are now available via www.alchemywebstore.com rather than deployed with A4T so users have the advantage of feature based live pushes on a regular basis
  • Various fixes

Download A4T version 0.8.1 to use the latest features. For more information about 3rd Party DLL’s, please read our article on Packaging DLL References.

Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack

The new 0.8.1 version Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack has been updated to include the new 0.8.1 NuGet package.

The A4T Developer Pack, which contains templates and tools for developing with Alchemy4Tridion framework and SDL Tridion/ SDL Web projects, will help you get up and running in no time with developing plugins that can hosted in the Alchemy Web Store.

Download the A4T Developer Pack extension from the Visual Studio Gallery or search for “Alchemy4Tridion” within the Visual Studio extensions page.

Alchemy NuGet package

The Alchemy Team also recently released the 0.8.1 NuGet package. With the Alchemy4Tridion NuGet package, users can develop a plugin by simply installing the NuGet package and ensuring core classes are created.

In order to use the new 3rd party DLL features, users will need to use the 0.8.1 Alchemy4Tridion.plugin NuGet package.

Ready to create a plugin using our NuGet package? Check out our step-by-step guide.