Alchemy 4 Tridion 4 Beginners

By John Winter

If you’re looking to get started with the Alchemy4Tridion software, or wish to build your own plugin, this is what you need to get the ball rolling…

Why Alchemy?

Content Bloom created Alchemy because we wanted to provide a library of functionality and tools that can be installed and used by SDL Tridion users at the click of a button…. Literally at the click of a button!

Is this stuff tested?

For your peace of mind, all extensions within the Alchemy ecosystem have been rigorously tested by our internal teams and must pass our approval guidelines.

How the Alchemy Web Store Works

The Alchemy Web Store allows you to browse all available extensions and install them at the click of a button. To help you get started we’ve created a video to show you how this works:

A4T How to Install Alchemy.

We’ve noticed that when Alchemists do this for the first time, the excitement is quite overwhelming, so be sure to do this in a safe place and on a full stomach.

Extension API

We’ve built a powerful API to make SDL Tridion extensions much easier to build using the .Net Framework. Check out the API documentation online.

We’ve also created a NuGet package, which ensures you have all the core code and you’re literally ready to drop in your extension code and get moving. Check out the full documentation here.

We’re here to help!

We’re passionate about making Alchemy and your work a success. If you’d like some help in getting set up, or you’d like to make some improvement suggestions, please keep in touch with the Alchemy team.

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