Alchemy4Tridion Announces 0.6.1 Release with Improved Client and User Properties

By Josh Hebb

Alchemy4Tridon today announced the release of A4T version 0.6.1.  This recent release refines and improves both the client and user extension capabilities in SDL Tridion / SDL Web.

A4T is a plugin framework that enables developers to quickly and efficiently extend SDL Tridion through its various extension points and allows users to easily discover and install plugins created by the community.

The A4T 0.6.1 version includes:

  • Alchemy API Controller Client property that initiates a new Session Aware Core Service Client
  • Alchemy API Controller User property that allows you to get information about the Tridion user currently logged in
  • Bug fix for issue where plugin upload dialog would be blocked by Visual Studio
  • Bug fix for issue causing Static JavaScript Library files to be empty on build
    More bug fixes and web store updates!

For a complete list of fixes and new features included in the 0.6.1 release, please refer to the complete Alchemy4Tridion 0.6.1 changelog.

Downloaded the A4T Developer Pack?

The Alchemy4Tridion Developer Pack, a Visual Studio Extension, will help you get up and running, developing plugins that can be hosted on the Alchemy Web store. The Developer Pack also includes various item templates and access to the prototype Converter Project Template that automatically converts existing GUI extensions to an Alchemy Plugin.

You can download the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery or by searching for “Alchemy4Tridion” within the extensions page in Visual Studio.

About Alchemy

Alchemy is a plugin framework that introduces a simple approach to developing extensions for Tridion.  It also acts as a central repository where plugins can be shared, reviewed, and downloaded. Developers’ gain the benefit of tools and an API that will help them streamline the development process as well as have their extensions reviewed and tested by peers. Organizations will benefit by being able to discover new plugins, see what the community thinks of them and easily add them to their SDL Tridion environment.