Alchemy4Tridion V1.0 Officially Released

By Josh Hebb

We’re all excited to announce that Alchemy4Tridion has officially been announced; version 1.0. We’ve been working hard to ensure that all plugins in the Webstore are compatible on SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 & Web 8 (including 8.5); the CM versions we’ll be supporting moving forward.

Check out some of the latest updates with version 1.0.

Release Links

Please see the following for all Alchemy4Tridion links:


Support Options

With the release of version 1.0, we are now offering enterprise support. Contact us to talk about support agreements and how we can help you.

Keep in mind we can be reached on the Webstore, or on Twitter (@alchemy4tridion) at any time for general issues with the framework, Webstore or individual plugins.


Install Hotfixes

Hotfixes can now be installed through Alchemy4Tridion; similar to how plugins are installed. We’ve also included a powershell script which allows the user to view which hotfixes are installed, uninstall and also install hotfixes outside of the Alchemy4Tridion GUI. Hotfixes update critical Tridion libraries and files, therefore it’s crucial that Hotfixes can be installed and uninstalled in case of failure.


Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

We’re added terms and conditions for both the Webstore, and for Plugin developers. We’ve also added a privacy policy. Users will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions upon registration, and will have to accept the developer terms and conditions on the plugin page in order to make updates to their plugins.


Webstore Plugin Upload Improvements

We’ve listened to the issues users have faced uploading their plugins, and have made UI improvements which should give developers a better understanding of the status of their plugins.



Updated Help Section

The Alchemy4Tridion Help section has undergone recent improvements in an effort to make A4T information more visible to our users. We’d love to hear from you as to how it can be improved.



Audit Logging

The latest A4T installer comes equipped with audit logging, logging plugin operations including installation(s) and configurations.


Nuget Package

With the official release of Alchemy, we’ve rolled out a new Alchemy4Tridion Nuget package which can be downloaded below. Included in the latest Nuget package is support for new Web 8 CoreService functionality including promote, demote etc.


This new Nuget package exposes a new CS client object which includes the latest CoreService functionality. Access the new client object per the snippet below:

var client = Clients.SessionAwareCoreServiceClient;

This new client includes support for picking up the proper endpoint based on the version of the Content Manager!


That’s it for now!

We’re continuing to work on Alchemy4Tridion to add features, and continue pushing the project along. Join in on the conversation on Twitter or reach out to us at alchemy@contentbloom.com.