What Does It Mean to Be a Consultant at Content Bloom?

By John Winter

Content Bloom is a consultancy company, which is not uncommon in the tech market, but it is also a company of consultants, which is uncommon. This might sound confusing and counterintuitive, so let me explain.

When you met folks from Content Bloom at career fairs or conferences, or when you look at job titles on our Careers page, you don’t hear phrases like “developer” or “tester” or “documentation writer”. With the exception of a few specific roles you meet, and see a lot of job ads for, “consultants”. This is done intentionally.

At Content Bloom we deliver solutions to clients, and consultants are the people who own these solutions. As a consultant you will certainly develop in the conventional sense of the word, writing Java, C#, Javascript, SQL queries and dozens of other technical task. You’ll also test, both your own development and that of your peers. And you’ll definitely document what you’ve built. But even this doesn’t cover what you’ll do as a consultant. A Content Bloom consultant, regardless of level or experience, will work closely with clients to figure out what exactly the solution they’re building will be solving. They spend their time communicating with the people who will have to use the tools put in place, asking questions, listening to needs and thinking about how they can make lives easier for the people who manage the web presences for some of the largest companies in the world.

So, this raises a question for you: Do you want to be a developer who gets handed requirements by someone else and asked to build small sections of big products? Or do you want to gather and understand your own requirements from the people who will use your solutions, then own every aspect of the development cycle? If answer number 2 sounds right for you then you should look at some of our consultant positions.