Content Bloom Partners with dotCMS

By Content Bloom

Content Bloom has recently found a fifth partner in dotCMS, an ultra-innovative headless CMS platform. Their hybrid approach offers the freedom of a headless CMS with the full functionality of a traditional CMS.

We’re always looking for the best ways to deliver for our clients, so after catching wind of their user-centric style, this partnership was a no brainer.

dotCMS devotes themselves to the client (something we appreciate and have in common) and works hard to deliver tailored solutions through easy-to-navigate, custom-built applications.

Who is dotCMS?

Basically, if you’re looking to have total authority over your site and products, dotCMS is the answer. They provide product owners (developers, editors, marketers, sales teams) full control over their content with features like Edit Mode Anywhere. Gone are the days of middlemen scrambling around to get you answers, multiple tests to ensure that changing one page won’t break 100 others, or waiting lengthy amounts of time to get the green light to update a press release.

This platform is made for people who need instant, easy access to the front-end without having to deal with overly-complicated restrictions, development work, and technical bureaucracy.

Content Bloom’s 24-hour managed services paired with dotCMS’s freedom to create, edit, personalize, and update is the stuff of CMS dreams. We’re confident this collaboration will allow us to continue providing the most innovative solutions for our clients.

Read more about our exciting new partnership here.