Content Bloom's Queen of Multi-Tasking

By Abby Schachter

Meet Hanah Thibeault, Content Bloom’s Administrator of Shared Services. Though her title could easily be replaced with: Queen of Multi-Tasking.

She’s often the first one to greet you at the door, and the person most likely to either check up on you to see how your day is going or inform you about an upcoming social event.

I guess you could say I do pretty much anything that needs doing.

Hanah first joined the CB ranks a few years ago and quickly became an essential part of the team. Most recently she has taken on the duties of moving offices; and has been planning, coordinating, and even designing the new space alongside the architects and designers; an event you can read all about in an upcoming blog post.

I’ll be honest, when I stepped into my interview I had no idea what Content Bloom was about, but by the end of it, I knew I wanted to work there. What really stood out for me, was the people. They made me feel so comfortable. They were friendly, fun and I remember thinking, these are the people I am comfortable working with.

Hanah says her role as an administrative assistant in Content Bloom’s evolving environment, allowed her to pick up crucial business techniques, ones she’d otherwise miss out on. She gained tech knowledge and discovered new passions, like human resources, recruiting, and team building.

There were some trial by error moments, but that’s how you learn and if Content Bloom taught me one thing, it is that I can do more than I think.”

Want to learn more about Hanah? Read our Q&A below!

Quotation Mark


I believe it’s the connections we’ve formed with each other that really makes CB stand out from other companies.

Quotation Mark

Q&A with Hanah

Q: What would you say is one of the most interesting things about you?

A: So, this is weird, but it only happens when I find something really funny. I squeak when I laugh. It caused a big fuss at a taping of a comedy show one night, and afterward, the producers approached me to officially uninvite me to all locally recorded comedy events because apparently my laugh/squeak was too distracting for the footage.

Q: Did you ever try to sneak into another comedy event after the incident?

A: I went to one, but the usher came by and told me to ‘shut it’ or ‘get out.’

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: Getting to talk to people and the team. Content Bloom really believes in the work-hard/play-hard mentality and it has a tough hiring process which pays off because we end up having amazing people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures; I regularly joke and have fun with colleagues in Europe and India and that wouldn’t happen in other places. I believe it’s the connections we’ve formed with each other that really makes CB stand out from other companies.

Q:  Lastly, can you describe Content Bloom in one word?

A: Unexpected; because it’s a company that is constantly evolving and aspiring to do better. When CB identifies weaknesses, they work on them. People are genuinely respectful and it’s an incredibly diverse environment where everyone’s voice is respected and heard. The work is also very diverse. It’s hard to set expectations and pinpoint what you’ll be doing next week because it’s a growing and evolving business.