Do Conferences Really Improve Your Business Growth?

By Content Bloom

We’re everywhere.

We’ve been quite busy attending and speaking at some great conferences lately. From India and Amsterdam, to Philadelphia, Halifax, Orlando, Toronto and more, we’ve been on the move.

One of our core values is the idea of constant growth and improvement.  We take that very seriously and are encouraged to travel, learn, collaborate, and meet colleagues from around the world at industry events. As Content Bloomers, we know how lucky we are to work in an environment that nurtures professional improvement and we realize not everyone gets a chance to attend many of the conferences available.  

This felt like a problem to us. So, as solution providers, we know there’s always an answer and the best one we could come up with?  Share the wealth.  We’ll be diving into what we learned at recent conferences and how it can help your growth.

What have we been up to? A whole lot.

TDS in Amsterdam

An entire team of consultants headed to Amsterdam for #TDS2019, the annual SDL Tridion Developer Summit. This was the sixth installment and revolved around a variety of expert speakers, like our very own Josh Hebb, Technical, Manager. His topic focused on SDL Tridion Content paired with Amazon Alexa and yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

Expect a whole slew of blogs from our team’s time at TDS.

One in particular, by our UX/UI designer Giselly Mejia, delves into a talk she attended about the personalization and design experience in SDL Tridion Sites 9.5 and will discuss user mapping, new platforms for improving the CMS, and how the SDL community influences innovation and growth.

Sneak peek at Giss’s post: “In this new update, the UI that’s been ‘cooking’ for the past year and a half offers a host of UX research techniques. The standout technique? The collection of ideas from the SDL Community. This platform allows global users to share their ideas and collaborate on ways to improve the CMS.”

Analytics in Halifax

Dylan Hebb is our Functional Consultant, Junior Project Manager and our go-to-guy for all things analytics and agile methodologies. He’s always on the lookout for the latest and greatest trends, which is what drew him to the SocialEast Digital Marketing conference in Halifax. His blog post will be especially insightful if you’re into digital marketing trends, conversions, and understanding why personalization in consumerism is so important.

Speakers included Google’s Susan Charles, LinkedIn’s Richard Wong, Twitter’s Andrea MacDonald, and Facebook’s Bobby Hennessy.  Big names, right?

Sneak peek at Dylan’s post: “When polled, the audience estimated that it would take 5-10 clicks to complete a checkout on a given website. In reality, on average, it takes 22 clicks to complete a checkout. This means lost customers. More than you may think, too. A total of 61% of digital shoppers have stopped the process because the checkout process was too long, too complicated, too confusing or it just didn’t work properly. Fewer clicks, higher sales. Why do customers drop off so rapidly?”

Tridion Training in Philly

Abby Schachter, our Content Marketing Specialist, hopped on a plane to Philadelphia to participate in a Tridion Training conference. It was her first time traveling solo for work, her first time in Philly, and, well, there were many firsts. Her blog post details fun tips and lessons learned.

Sneak peek at Abby’s post: “I thought traveling to a conference alone wasn’t going to be my idea of a good time, but it quickly turned into an unforgettable and unexpected adventure. Who knew?”

Sitecore Does Disney World

A small team hit Orlando for a week to attend the ultimate Sitecore event, #SitecoreSYM.  This year’s conference theme was “Human Connections in a Digital World.” Our Marketing Director, Lee Pittman, spent some time learning about Sitecore’s newest updates, marketing capabilities, and why cultivating those human connections is crucial.

Sneak peek at Lee’s post: “The difference between a one-time buyer and a loyal, recurring customer?  The customer experience (CX).  It’s vital to create positive, human connections and allow people to feel seen and heard in their interactions with your brand.”

If excellent learning opportunities and networking weren’t enough, there was also a pen of puppies.  Win, win.

Stay Tuned

We’ve got quite a few exciting and informative blogs coming your way — from Sitecore and Tridion, to marketing, CX, and development. Each one of our upcoming posts demonstrates the ways in which conferences improve business growth across all platforms, no matter your industry.

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