How To Be Efficient When COVID-19 Has You Working From Home

By Content Bloom

COVID-19 is officially a global pandemic leaving many unsure about how their regular workday should look. While the tech industry is largely about adaptability, for many both in and out of the tech sector, remote work is not the norm.

The majority of our consultants enjoy working in-office, but in today’s health climate, it’s not lost on Content Bloomers how fortunate we are to have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever needed.

At Content Bloom, our business environment is a remote first design. In tech, you often hear of mobile first design, where you build your website for the smallest screen first and work your way up to larger screens. In a remote first workplace design, we select our tools with working remotely in mind.

We realize not everyone has a similar work structure in place, so we asked our team to share how they maintain a disciplined, balanced, and communicative environment when working remotely.

Follow Your Morning Routine

My number one tip is to prepare yourself like you are going to work in an office. Shower, get dressed, go through your full morning routine. If you work all day in your sweatpants it’s hard to feel motivated and makes it difficult to maintain your work-life/personal-life balance.

The biggest advantage is the ability to focus on one task. You get a quieter environment with fewer interruptions, so if you really need a good day of heads-down work done, there is no better way.

 Abby Schachter, Content Marketing Specialist

Find a Quiet Workspace

Find a space in your home that’s dedicated to working in order to minimize distractions and separate your work and home lives.

One key advantage of WFH is the lack of a commute, so use your time wisely and get an early start to your day. Get organized and create a plan to attack the day.

 Josh Hebb, Manager, Technology

Manage Notifications Without Sacrificing Productivity

I have my communication apps on my phone as well as my computers. That way, if I’ve stepped away from my computer for a moment but something comes through, I’m still in touch.  I also like to keep my notification volume turned up for the same reason.

The flexibility of working remotely is great. I don’t feel like I’m losing time on my projects because of not physically being in an office. You can bend to what is thrown at you and still get things accomplished.

 Lee Pittman, Marketing Director

Prepare Your Desk to Avoid Distractions

Make sure you have everything you need at your desk before sitting down.

Grab your coffee, fill your water bottle, gather your chargers, notebook, pens, glasses, headphones, healthy snacks, all of it. This way you avoid stopping every second to grab things.

Having the ability to stay home is a major bonus, especially when illness strikes or, in normal situations, like having tons of errands to take care of, like cable, plumbing, electricity, or deliveries. It will also save you time on the commute and allow you to avoid bad weather!

 Giss Mejia, Senior Design Consultant

Walk Around and Stretch

Make sure you get up and move around. Don’t just work from the same place in your house all day. I find it too easy to sit for 4 to 8 hours straight when I work from home since I already have everything around me.

I really enjoy being able to concentrate and get heads-down time at home. I usually focus really well and get a lot done.

 Nicholas Wetmore, Manager, Technology

Be Attentive to Background Noise

Those of us with small kids, like myself, know that we need to be attentive while attending client meetings and aware that any background noise is irritating to anyone else on a call. Try to mute yourself if you’re not talking and make sure to find a quiet space or let your kids know that it’s quiet time.

There’s a huge advantage with the flexibility to adjust your work hours for convenience and the flexibility to complete your personal errands without having to book time out of your workday. You can also generate more output if you are fully focused.

Manish Mehmood, Technical Consultant

Has COVID-19 affected your typical work day? If so, what are some of the things you’re doing to adapt?

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For some tips on combating COVID-19, here are some resources from the CDC.