Improving on SDL's Content Porter with P4CP4T

By John Winter

Content Porter is a tool which allows the migration of content, structure and templates from one SDL Tridion / Web /Sites environment to another.

Content Porter has undergone a fair few changes over the years, but one of the most sought after features of the tool has been missing, missing – until now.

It all started in 2003, a small team of us had just received client sign off to go live.   The release was typically standard, we migrate the content and building blocks into production, we’d publish the new site and then the infrastructure team would then deploy some application changes over the top.

Not so easy!   Some bugger had renamed some of the items in production meaning the import moved over, but we now have all sorts of mess, duplicate items, shit everywhere.   Stuff we couldn’t fix with Content Porter.

Luckily, Content Bloom’s R&D have developed Porter 4 Content Porter 4 Tridion (P4CP4T), a liquid extension to aid the release process.

How does it work?

P4CP4T is to be consumed the minute you realize that the two environments are not in sync and it’s probably easier to manually get in there with the team and fix it all up.

How much is needed?

Aim to supply at least six bottles of P4CP4T for each person involved in the upgrade, per hour worked.

So if you’ve a team of 3 over a 4 hour migration, the following calculation is applied:












Feedback from early testing

We’ve been working some of the folks within the SDL Community to fine tune the extension and so far some of the feedback we’ve received has been great.

“I’ll down a bottle just for fun each time I fix a schema namespace”

Mark Saunders, P4CP4T Master Architect (Brewer).

“Our Content Porter licence had expired, so we drank all the P4CP4T we had in the office, before heading out on the lash”

Hem Kant, SDL Tridion MVP, Content Bloom

“We accidentally drank them all before starting the import to production and screwed the whole thing up”

Former SDL Tridion Consultant

“I’ve used other liquid-based extensions to get through some tough releases, but I found that P4CP4T is the perfect porting accompaniment to date”.

– Nuno Linhares, Guru, SDL

Under the Hood

P4CP4T is brewed in the backwoods of Nova Scotia, according to the conteinsgebot purity law, by 20th century Tridion monks, with only the finest ingredients: patience, malted complexity and a hoppy undo package.

Always content port responsibly.  Never port while operating heavy machinery. Must be of legal porting age. According to the Surgeon General, women should not port content during pregnancy because of the risk of schema defects.