Introducing 4t

By John Winter

Content on the web has absolutely exploded over the last 10 years. Companies are in a constant uphill battle to keep pushing content out, to be omni-present across social and data feeds, always rising above the competition, to audiences around the world. It’s bloody knackering!

Within content technology companies, there’s a race to be the first in the world of automated content. They should not have bothered, because we’re here today to announce that we’ve gone and solved this problem.

4t (pronounced ‘Thought’)

With 4t you literally think of a piece of content and that content is created. We kid you not!

Every piece of new content starts with an idea, the story you wish to tell, the pertinent points that the piece should make. However, then it goes into the content factory and is written, edited, reviewed across a number of cycles.

4t is a new way of thinking (literally). Simply slip on one the comfortable 4t headsets and start working though the content.

With 4t gone are the labor-intensive steps of writing, editing and review. Once you’ve thought of the article it’s ready to go, and it’s integrated into your digital CMS tools and social channels immediately.

4t Functionality

It’s early days in this new technology and we’ve a rich roadmap of future enhancements we’d like to implement, but the first release features the following:

Content Dictation

Simply think of the content you wish to create by thinking of the words and structure. Need to generate an image? Simply think of something such as ‘A bright open office setting with a group of people doing a group high-five’.

Content Points

Create a complete content article by placing your 4t headset on and think of the key points for a piece of content. such as a common challenge and the steps of solving that problem and let 4t do the rest.

Create & Distribute

4t will structure your content and imagery and create a perfectly written document in the format that you were thinking about and will distribute it, yep you guessed it, where ever you were thinking. For example: email that content to our clients and tweet a message about it.

The 4t Range in Action

We’ve a range of 3 headsets: Xtr, SciFi and Pro, here’s our team to demonstrate their unique designs and features

We asked Pankaj to write a blog post on elastic search while he was driving from New Delhi to Noida, while wearing the 4t Xtr, great for content editors that want to take their content publishing to the extreme and need a more ‘rugged’ application.

We asked Hanah to use model the 4t SciFi, not just because we think it really suits her, but we wanted her to test out the email sending features.

Here’s a copy of the email that was sent to everyone at Content Bloom, mission accomplished!

Dear team, quick reminder…is it quick? Doesn’t matter….heads up you all need to do this…that’s too harsh, can’t people do their time sheets, without a reminder? Shoot, that meeting starts in a minute… Hey team, please submit your time sheets asap! Thanks :), now what’s this meeting for?

Dylan is wear-testing the 4t Pro, this model features enterprise grade document creation with support for multi-channel, multi-language thought creation content.


We wouldn’t be much of a CMS integration specialist if we hadn’t already written integrations for some of our favourite CMS tools. As part of the first release, we’re proud to announce that we’ve integrations with Adobe, SDL, Sitecore, dotCMS and Umbraco.

This blog post was written on a 4t Pro, to get yours, complete the form on our contact page.