Meet Nicholas Wetmore

By Josh Hebb

Nicholas is an SDL Consultant and has been part of the Content Bloom team since April 2014. He received his Bachelors in Computer Science with Honors at Acadia University and specializes in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, C++, Java, and Unix Shell scripting.

His love for front-end development started with the creation of his first interactive website.

It was a very simple site where the user got to move a stick figure around and have the figure’s hands glow at the touch of a button. It was at that moment that I realized that the front-end of a website can do almost anything that a user could dream of.

A highlight of Nicholas’ work at Content Bloom is leading the front-end development for Athletigen, a sport genetics company that analyzes a person’s DNA to help them explore their inner athlete; the most personalized approach to health and fitness.

At first I was just writing code and producing screens based on the functionality needed, but as Athletigen grew I began to interact with designers, and the visual team. I talked frequently with the scientists and athletes behind the vision to determine exactly what the front-end team needed to deliver to the end user. As the team grew I began to lead the front-end team, taking responsibility for all of the code (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) needed to make the website a responsive, quick, powerful, and user-friendly tool for Athletigen’s users.

Nicholas’ involvement in the Athletigen project was not only a great learning opportunity, it was also a rewarding experience.

The Athletigen project was rewarding to me in a few ways. First was that the scientists and athletes who worked there really wanted to figure out ways to help athletes. I heard plenty of testimonials which all agreed that the tool was really helping them train more efficiently, and getting the most out of their bodies. Secondly, I learned a lot from working at Athletigen. I was rewarded with the ability to work with a small, fast-paced team on cutting edge technologies. I delivered some of the best work I have ever done and I helped the team do the same. Finally, I learned how startup companies survive and grow. I got to see the company grow from a four-person startup to a twenty-two-person business over the course of a year. I learned a great deal from being involved in that process and it was very satisfying as well.

Nicholas loves the challenge of writing code to fix problems and create visual masterpieces.

The thing that excites me most about coding is the fact that, after writing a bunch of ‘dull’ looking computer code, that something extremely useful can happen, when the code is run through a computer. I love writing code for problems that save people time or writing code that solves difficult problems in interesting ways!

Fueled by Mountain Dew soda and driven by the desire to deliver quality work, Nicholas has been an invaluable member of our team and provides a wealth of knowledge and support to the rest of Content Bloom’s web and application team.

Nicholas is currently kicking-ass leading the mobile front-end development for a major U.S energy company.  Working between client offices in Houston, Texas and Content Bloom’s Halifax, Nova Scotia office.

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