Notes from SUGCON

By Manish Mehmood

I had the pleasure of attending SUGCON India this week, and wanted to share some of my notes. Today, I’ve attended 5 sessions; here’s how that broke down.

Session 1

The session started with the new features of Sitecore 9.1 and 9.2 where Pieter Brinkman, Senior Director Technical Marketing at Sitecore walked us through different features introduced in Sitecore 9.1 and 9.2 version.

Here Pieter presented some of the features:

Sitecore Cortex Engine : A scalable data processing platform designed to integrate with xDB and machine learning workers. He explained it features as well.

Sitecore Host : Which ensure the application and service having the uniform deployment and common run-time. He also showed what improvements are made in Host,Identity and Publishing.

Pieter also focused on a lots of improvement in the upgraded version of Sitecore. These improvements are – Search improvements, Tracker improvements, YAML format for Serialisation, Robot Detection etc.

Session 2

There was another interesting session taken by Anastasiya Flynn which was based on SXA with JSS. She tells how can we create more modern, more dynamic SXA apps using JSS.

She also presented the technical demo of creating forms using JSS.

Session 3

This session was a combined session where Sabin Ephrem and Brijesh Patelpresented on the topic, ELEVATE OF YOUR CAREER – THE POWER OF SPECIALIZATION

This was a small session but useful for everyone. The walked through a number of steps to be specialized, which are –

Be the best in the world at something, Create a lasting synergy with marketing. Flight’s for NFR’s, Build a reputation for quality, We fiercely loyal to the right company, Never stop learning.

Session 4

This was a quite interesting session taken by Rob Earlam, Technical Evangelist at Sitecore. He gave overview about Sitcore e-commerce architecture, e-commerce plugins and different extension points and how it connects with Sitecore platform.

Session 5

Last session was taken by Saurabh Sachdeva on Sitecore commerce & JSS – He explained about how JSS and sitecore interacts. He also presented JSS architecture, Layout Service APIs, Server Side Javascript rendering, and how to call commerce APIs.

Once these presentations are placed online, i’ll update this post with the links, till them i’m off for some drinks and networking with the Sitecore team and community!