SDL - Unified Delivery Platform

By Mark Saunders

There’s a lot of buzz in the SDL community at the moment about the up and coming Unified Delivery Platform but what is it?

Well, SDL will be making a formal announcement on the naming and the full features at SDL Connect – which Content Bloom are sponsoring this year).

But as you’ve landed here it looks like you might want a bit of a heads up on what’s coming and as we’ve just attended the SDL Partner Bootcamp here it is!

What does it provide for?

At its core, the UDP is a framework that will allow the interaction of your organisations content at both the marketing content (traditionally web-based content) and structured content (technical data, traditionally brochures/PDF etc.).

  • Personalisation (real-time)
  • Taxonomy-based navigation
  • Mobile (from the start)
  • Customer Service Solution integrations
  • Search (not just for commerce, search entire documentation, single publications with fuzzy search/stemming etc.)
  • Open Content Delivery Architecture
  • Standards-based API (OData)
  • High scalability
  • Share user-generated content (through microservices) between SDL Web and SDL Knowledge Center

Single customer view

Offering a single customer view allowing the organisation to evaluate the context of customer interactions through a single event view and using a unified customer repository to analyse and them across any data point

Digital Experience Accelerators

We now have Digital Experience Accelerators for both SDL Tridion and Knowledge Center.  With a number of “out of the box” frameworks to deliver device independent experiences. Using design templates that are built around semantic content and markup to allow for content/experience “mash-ups”

Cloud or on premise?

Like SDL Tridion, Knowledge Center can be offered as “platform as a service” with enterprise SLAs. Through the automated provision of capabilities, time can be shortened for delivery to market.

The first release should be packaged with the upcoming version of Knowledge Center and from this point, we’ll keep you abreast of the functionality/integration and opportunities it affords.

Note: The above information is presented prior to the official launch of the UDP and it’s completed integration with SDL Tridion and SDL Knowledge Center and may be subject to change.