Sitecore 9.3 and the Latest in Updates, Developments, and Enhancements

By Abby Schachter

Often when software updates occur, users will see minor performance enhancements and subtle tweaks here and there. We all know that large-scale improvements take time and updates are frequently a result of user feedback. The Sitecore community is tight-knit and communicative, allowing for consistent feedback and improvement.

The new upgrade offers some major enhancements sure to make developers and content editors sigh in relief.

Bid Farewell to Open-Source Search Engine Lucene

And say hello to your friend, Azure Search.

First and foremost, 9.3 will no longer be providing Lucene as a search provider on .NET MVC because, let’s be honest, it’s basically an obsolete functionality. As a result, Azure Search will be the official replacement.

That’s not all, it seems like Sitecore is going full Konmari method with 9.3 – they’ve removed the Sitecore.NVelocity package as well.

Need Assistance?

Thanks to the new Sitecore Installation Assistant [SIA], set up will be much easier, no matter the environment. Meaning SQL, admin credentials, etc. will not only be simpler but once you’ve imputed the varying required information, SIA will handle the rest for you.

Experience Editor Enhancements

Editor is getting some exciting improvements, too.

  • Navigations and control bars are now supported by default
  • IsExploring is a new feature/page that Devs can use for customization
  • xConnect offers additional support
  • Performance and reporting upgrades

Sidenote: Content authors can expect even more improvements in 2020, with a possible experience editor replacement when Horizon is released. Teaser alert! The software comes with ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ buttons.

Sitecore SX Solution

We are so happy with this next upgrade. SXA numbers will now be synced to align with the appropriate Sitecore versions. i.e., Sitecore 9.3 will be matched to SXA 9.3. Quite a bit easier, right? Also, filters have been improved upon, so users are now able to see, navigate, and customize search filtering with the facet summary component.

Heads Up for Mac Users

Our dear developers, it’s time to rejoice. You will now have the ability to not only live-debug but also develop the JSS App on your Mac. How? All you have to do is connect remotely to a [remote] Sitecore server. We’re celebrating, that’s for sure!

Features, Benefits, and Highlights in XP 9.2

With the release of 9.3 still a way’s away, here’s a quick reminder of some of 9.2’s capabilities.

Rainbow Serialization Support

  • Serialize your Sitecore items
    • Use rainbow serialization to ensure faster builds and deployments.

Sitecore SXA & JSS Inclusion

  • Leverage Sitecore’s frameworks and create without worry
    • Regardless of whether you’re using SXA or JSS, organizations can build sites and apps in the same environment; empowering the sharing of content and customer data to deliver a seamless CX.

Data Purging API

  • Gain control over your solution’s data from a single API
    • Set up your archiving tactics to keep costs organized and have data control, allowing you to react to changes in privacy regulations.

Dynamic Personalization Dashboard

  • A brand-new report in Sitecore 9.2
    • Enables a complete overview of all personalization campaigns with the additional capability to quickly take advantage of the data you’re seeing and act upon it.

Sitecore Content Hub Integration

  • Standardized integration for customers using Content Hub
    • Enables the synchronization of content planned and created on the CMP and digital assets assembled and managed in the DAM. This kind of control and connection allows for minimal time to market.

Which of the 9.2 and 9.3 features are your favorite? Let us know!

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