The Best and Most Useful Tech Tips for Productivity Part II

By Content Bloom

By now you may have gathered that we like to share our stories. Sometimes that means passing along the latest tech news, letting you in on a new tool, or discussing a recent web update.

We knew once we got our consultants, managers, developers, content integrators, and architects talking about their favorite tech tips, we wouldn’t be able to stop them. So in the words of Herman’s Hermits, “Second verse same as the first.” Our Favorite Tech Tips is back for a second installment. 

These tips offer some wonderfully diverse perspectives on navigating through the tech industry.

Tip 1. Mitigate Risks Right Away

When it comes to source control, commit your code to the central repository as often as possible. Especially when you wrap work and leave for the day, make sure your code is in the central repository. This ensures that your work is not lost and helps you prepare for the worst. Anything can go wrong and this mitigates the risk of your work being lost.

       — Sabarish Senthilnathan Muthu, Technical Consultant L2

Tip 2. Pass on the Knowledge and Learn from Others

Constantly doing knowledge transfer sessions (aka teaching). This helps with revising what you’ve learned, whether it was a while back or recently. To be able to pass on a skill or help someone learn something is a very valuable asset and skill in itself. Practice makes perfect.

It also helps when someone with a different perspective or train of thought comes up with questions you would not think of yourself. And most importantly, it helps when you are provided with feedback.

       — Touhid Chowdhury, CMS Content Integrator

Tip 3. Speak Up

Often, simply explaining your problem is enough to reveal new solutions or point out the issue you are trying to find.

       — Isabel Myers, Content Specialist

Tip 4. Stay on Top of Things

In whatever tech role you are in, there is project management. You have to know at each point what your status in the project is. Thus, before executing the project, identify the possible status of the project.

       — Nick Roussakov, Co-founder of Content Bloom

Tip 5. Define your Measurements of Success

To maximize a new project’s chance of success, define the critical requirements and success factors. Discuss both of these factors with the project owner.

       — Rick Burns, Technical Manager

Tip 6. Keep in Practice

Never stop programming. It’s important to maintain the knowledge you already know as well as keep up to date with new languages and tools.

       — Chichi Mugavazi, Junior Consultant, Co-op Student

Tip 7. Don’t Micromanage

In order to make sure you build a great team, it’s important you empower them to take decisions independently. Encourage them, believe in them, and push them to newer heights. That is the key to their growth.

       — Mandhir Singh, Project Manager

Tip 8. Communication is Key

Know the basic jargon of each profession you are working closely with. If you are a software engineer working with a designer, learn what “analogous color” or “aesthetic agreement” means so that you can communicate with them more easily.

       — Ahmet Efeoglu, Junior Consultant, Co-op Student

There you have it Content Bloom’s favorite tech tips. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our pages for the latest news, tips, and posts.

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