Translation Management … why so many options?!?

By Mark Saunders

An oft occurred scenario triggered me to share this snippet of information with the community.

So we’re there in a meeting about workflow, we’ve narrowed down the 4,523 suggested requirements to things are achievable and, indeed, desirable – but one of the final 50 requirements that sometimes sneaks in there is “and add translation”.
This isn’t a note about workflow – I’ve a couple of those puppies in the pipeline – this is about what you should be thinking, or rather ensure the client is thinking about, before rushing into the latest and greatest fad on language translation solutions.

Considering outsourced, cloud and/or speed to implement:

  • If you need a completely outsourced solution (in terms of both technology and services)
  • If you generally prefer cloud-based systems
  • If you need solutions that can be implemented quickly but will grow with your needs

Then you may want to consider SDL Managed Translation.  This solution could be appropriate as it

  • Has a low-cost entry point and is quick to deploy
  • It’s easy to use and completely managed
  • Integrates naturally with the SDL translation services

Have complex requirements and would be happy with a vendor hosted solution:

  • If you would rather SDL handle the bulk of your translation work and do not need an on-site solution
  • and if you have complex translation needs across multiple facets of the organisation
  • Prefer vendor hosted-solutions (with all the relevant security in place)

Then you may want to consider SDL TMS

  • This SDL hosted solution is one of the most popular enterprise TMS Platforms
  • Both secure and ISO certified, it has multi-organisational support
  • A standard upgrade from Language Cloud Dashboard ensures it works seamlessly with SDL Translation Services

Have complex requirements (or translation workflows) and prefer an onsite solution

  • For those organisations who have their own complex workflow requirements (or other complex translation needs),
  • or need an onsite solution or want to own their process (although this one doesn’t have to be onsite!)

Then the SDL World Server solution could be an interesting option.

  • The most widely deployed enterprise TMS platform,
  • it’s an all in one solution that can be hosted on premise
  • It allows for complex and sophisticated workflows and business-rule implementation within the translation process

Of course, this is a very simplified ‘starter’ list!

Whether you’re just starting the journey into translation management or you’re interested in improving, updating or expanding your current endeavours – drop Content Bloom a line and let’s see where we can help you!

We’ve a wealth of experience from working with the stakeholders to understand the real requirements, to working with the vendor(s) and integrating the pieces that need to be and to defining the in-house processes required to support automated or manual translation of content direct from the CMS.