What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

By John Winter

Our customers need to keep up with the increasing expectations of their online audience.   Each visit needs to factor in real-time customer insights to deliver – in an instant – an experience that is tailored to the visitor’s needs, preferences and behaviors.

Getting this right isn’t easy, so why does it matter?

The simple answer is: Because your customers expect it.

The slightly longer answer is:

In today’s digital marketing landscape, businesses can have multiple interactions with their customers across devices, social media and in store.  Customers don’t want to start at the beginning of a process each time they interact with your business, they expect a smooth and consistent experience.  If you don’t provide that, they’ll quickly find a competing business that does.

At the end of 2018 Adobe introduced the Experience Platform (a unification of their Marketing and Analytics tools); a suite of products designed to help businesses solve this complex problem. Adobe’s Experience Platform can be used in any industry, from Retail to Finance, Construction through to Travel, and provides businesses with specific tools to create content managed applications.

What’s in the Adobe Experience Cloud?

The Adobe Experience Cloud is suite of products that includes Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Adobe Advertising, and the recently acquired Marketo.   

What’s interesting about Experience Cloud is that each product has been designed and built to work together sharing data and services across the platform.   Under the hood, that means each visitor has a unique identity which the platform shares across the suite.

The toolset in Adobe’s Experience Cloud allows you to see the activities of your customers (past and present), across any channel, providing tailored content and campaigns in real-time. 

How can Content Bloom help?

We’re in the business of building websites and applications that tailor the experience to your customers’ expectations and we’ve delivered successful implementations for some of the world’s most impressive companies such as Schneider Electric, Mattel and Alliance Data, on top of that we’re an Adobe AEM partner with certified experts located across the globe.

If you’re looking to take advantage of Adobe’s Experience Cloud, contact us to to arrange a meeting with our expert delivery services team.

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