What’s new in Adobe AEM 6.5?

By John Winter

The biggest news of this year’s Adobe Summit is the release of the latest version of Adobe AEM (Version 6.5).   In this post we’re highlighting some of the new features that we’ve already been ramping up on within our Adobe implementation practice that will no doubt appeal to our customers or anyone considering an upgrade.

Headless Content Management System

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provides new innovative content delivery capabilities in the form of a headless publishing environment.

headless content

Publishing your AEM content to a single repository supports the Headless CMS paradigm, which content can be available to any channel (web, mobile, in-store signs and IoT apps for example) from a single source.

For developers Adobe provides a reach API to simply connect to your content and simply get to work providing the styling within the app.

Smart Crop

Cropping images and video can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavour that requires drawing, measuring, and cutting.   We’re talking hours and hours of specialist agency work to create renditions that are visually suitable for today’s array of digital devices.

AEM 6.5’s smart crop tool automatically detects and crops the focal point in any image or video out of the box.

Digital Asset Search

Enterprise Content Management Systems can easily contain tens of thousands, if not millions of digital and content assets.   Searching through your DAM for the correct asset can often seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

With the beefed-up Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence assistant, finding assets is now a fast and simple search away.    With the automated machine learning under the hood the more you use the digital asset search functionality, the better it becomes.

Other new features in AEM 6.5 worth highlighting are:

  • Folders used to store asset and content fragments now support custom metadata.
  • Permissions management within the Touch UI interface, no need to swap over to the classic UI to toggle and apply security
  • User Generated Content (UGC) Importer.   Import content added by the users of your site in the form of comments, reviews, social media etc directly into the UI.
  • Content Distribution.   Now you can configure publishing agents to distribute your content to a number of mediums as well as use the classic replication method.   This provided AEM administrators a huge amount of power to configure where content can be shared across the web.
  • Content Smart Tagging.   Using AI and machine learning you can tag your assets with a multitude of content.
  • Multi-lingual asset management, again automated by Adobe’s Sensei and can be linked with the Smart Tagging feature.

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