Image Editing in SDL Tridion Sites 9

By Pankaj Gaur

One of the many new features of SDL’s new Tridion Sites CMS is the introduction of image editing functionality built into the editing interface.

Here’s some of the features that image editing provides:

  • You can use the CME or XPM to edit images.
  • You can only edit images with *.JPG or *.PNG extensions.
  • You can perform following image editing actions:
    • Cropping
    • Flipping
    • Rotating
    • Resizing
  • You can undo or redo at most 10 edit actions

The following screen shots shows how it looks in CME:

When you open a multi-media component:

When you click “Edit”, below pop-up turns up:

When you select “Crop” on Edit Image pop up:

When you select “Resize” on Image Edit pop-up