SDL Tridion DX and Content Mashup

By Pankaj Gaur

The release of SDL Tridion DX suites allows integration of SDL Tridion Sites 9 with SDL Tridion Docs and facilitate a “Content Mashup” of web and structured content together in a web application.

In this Content Mashup, content authors create and manage the content in the Content Manager of both products, but publish it to a single Content Delivery environment, from which the content published from SDL Tridion Docs as well as content published from SDL Tridion Sites can be fetched and displayed together.

The below two diagrams show the scenario without the content mashup and with the content mashup:

How it would look without Content-Mashup


How it would look with Content-Mashup


The above process of content-mashup works in the following way:

  1. The Content Authors for SDL Tridion Sites 9 and SDL Tridion Docs create and manage the content in their respective content manager application.
  2. A taxonomy connector, allows content authors of SDL Tridion Docs to tag their content with keywords created in the SDL Tridion Sites content manager. The authors of SDL Tridion Docs can only use to tag their content and can create, modify or delete these keywords
  3. The content authors of the two products then publish their respective content using a shared deployer (DX Content Deployer) to the same Content Delivery environment – this means the content from SDL Tridion Docs and SDL Tridion Sites along with the tagged keywords published to the shared Content Data Store
  4. The GraphQL based “Public Content API” can be used to query this shared data store regardless of the origin of the content.
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