Effective Microsite Creation With SDL Tridion

Microsites are a great tool when it comes to highlighting a specific promotion, launch, new product, or marketing campaign. SDL Tridion’s BluePrinting functionality makes a Microsite creation and launch implementation a cinch.

What is a Microsite?

Typically, a microsite is a single or small collection of pages that are focused on a specific promotion or topic. The benefits include the ability to highlight information in a creative way without the restrictive, distracting, and confining terms often found in larger corporate sites.

Microsites are perfect for campaigns

Microsites are a great way to promote a digital marketing campaign, as they allow internal teams to focus on smaller specific goals, objectives, and performance measurement rules. SEO is also easy to incorporate into a microsite by means of a custom keyword rich URLs. This is done by adding inbound links to larger corporate web and e-commerce sites, which ultimately provides the additional high-value traffic you want.

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