So, why upgrade? What’s new in Sites 9.1?

Support for Web 8.5 and earlier versions is stopping at the end of 2019. In and of itself, that’s a pretty good reason to upgrade. In the latest version, SDL has introduced some great new features for marketers, developers, and administrators alike.

For marketers, SDL has modernized its technology stack. For developers, it’s now possible to work in the latest client-side frameworks (which is great for headless content delivery). And for administrators, it’s now much simpler to perform product upgrades to future versions.


Here’s what’s been crammed into the latest release:

Integration Framework

  • Tridion Sites is technology-agnostic. This gives you the possibility to integrate any of your other software systems (CRM, ERP, DAM, etc.) with your Tridion CMS, allowing you to use data from those external sources within Tridion and vice versa, creating a two-way data street.
  • For those in e-commerce, this integration framework also supports a full e-commerce integration.


  • Microservices make sure your infrastructure can easily grow when your website and audience grow.
  • The decoupled architecture lets you scale your system elements independently, meaning you can scale out only the pieces of the system that need more power.
  • Docker (a virtualization technology) is now supported in 9.1.

Add-ons (Extensions)

  • The Add-on feature is a much simpler way to extend the functionality of SDL’s interface. Gone are the days of writing GUI extensions.
  • Add-ons can also be chained together. For example, your required feature may require interface changes, event system, and deployer. Simply bundle them into a zip and release.
  • It’s very similar to the open-source ‘Alchemy’ framework that we actually built over 4 years ago. Afterall, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Personalization and Content Delivery

  • A/B testing is built in to allow for personalization testing supporting your content strategy.
  • Instant Sites can quickly and easily launch local and campaign sites.
  • A new API (GraphQL) is now able to query for dynamic content. Basically, all of your data can now be accessed by your clients using a single endpoint.
  • Under the hood, Experience Optimization has been completely rebuilt. Gone is the Fredhopper software and, in its place is, a custom elastic search that is smarter, faster, and much easier to manage.

Improved Security and Compliance

  • Using SAML 2.0, you can apply single sign-on and integrate SDL web within your existing authentication infrastructure, resulting in a seamless authentication experience for your content editors.

Easier Upgrades

  • Rolling and staged upgrades reduce your future site and system downtime to zero during upgrades.

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