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Delivering targeted content to your visitors

Customers today expect a frictionless, more personalized online experience. Content Bloom enables companies to efficiently run digital campaigns and upload assets in order to deliver a relevant, measurable online experience.

A relationship is formed the moment a customer lands on your website, but we often find that even companies driving solid organic traffic to their sites can mismanage that relationship. In these cases, the customer’s digital footprint (i.e. the implicit clues they leave, like location, search preferences, language, etc.) is being forgotten, even though delivering a personalized experience gives your company a much better chance of achieving its goals.

Using your visitors’ digital footprints, our Sitecore team can ensure you deliver a more relevant experience by serving the right content and media assets at the right time. Why frustrate your users with a “vanilla” interaction when you could impress them with a tailored one?

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It’s not uncommon for us to come across customers that have yet to implement personalization or develop an internal strategy to start the process. We’ve helped many customers identify their needs, establish their goals, and implement a strategy that will ensure better conversions.

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