Sitecore Project Recovery

Achieve Your Sitecore Goals

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably have a problem with your current Sitecore project. Somethings not right and you’re in need of a plan B.

Cue the intro music from “The A-Team” as a handful of Content Bloom Sitecore experts pack up their laptops and head for the chopper.

Seriously, though. Enterprise digital marketing projects can be complex to deliver and, for a number of reasons, this puts a lot of pressure on the budget, delivery, business goals, and the end result.

To give you an idea, the most common problems that often need our help are:

  • The project is mid-flight but doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere near an end result.
  • The projects been delivered but, for whatever reason, you’re not seeing the return you thought you’d be getting.
  • The solution implemented doesn’t leverage the powerful features and benefits Sitecore offers.

Are you maximizing the value of your Sitecore investment?

If you remember why you bought Sitecore in the first place, it would likely be for personalization, targeting, ease of content creation, and the delivery of a relevant user experience.

It’s worth asking yourself, is your current agency waiting for you to give them the requirements to deliver a more seamless experience? What value are they bringing you?

Often we find some organizations are not sure how to demonstrate the value of their Sitecore investment. Be it through online activities or internal performance gains, we can implement a measurement framework for you.

Content Bloom to the rescue.

Take Viking Cruises, for example. They’d been working with an agency for months and still didn’t have their CMS infrastructure installed. Content Bloom was recommended to them to rescue the project and, six weeks later, we delivered a stunning new website and CMS implementation. Not only that, we were able to honor their original budget.

We love it when a plan comes together.

We’re a lot easier to find and hire than the A-Team and we’re not afraid to get on planes. Give us a shout.