Understanding your organization’s relationship with your customers.

The correct customer experience creates customer loyalty and improves customer retention. Content Bloom partners with organizations to provide the technological expertise to support their customer experience strategies, leader-training to build an in-house team of experts and help design and evolve emotionally engaging websites.

Content Bloom understands customer relationships.  We have a solid footing in CXM development, we’ve built web-based applications with a number of enterprise customer experience plaforms such as SDL TridionSDL SmartTarget and Oracle Endeca, as well as bespoke CXM tools using Java, .Net, PHP and front-end technologies.



How we can help

We help organizations improve their customer experiences by:

  • Measuring existing experiences and facilitating customer research methods.
  • Building personalization tools to allow users to create and apply intuitive targeting rules to global websites and applications.
  • Providing internal training courses on a variety of CXM tools and methods.
  • Designing engaging, relevant customer and personal engagement practices.
  • Integrations with existing organizational architectures and business processes.

What’s next?

If you wish to know more about our CXM services, please connect with our team.