Managed Hosting Services

24 hour supported infrastructures

Content Bloom provides complete hosting and management solutions for Content Management Systems and Applications.  Our team of dedicated engineers handle the task of keeping your systems running allowing you to focus on your efforts on creating amazing digital experiences.

At a glance

Our cloud management services include CMS and application architecture design, implementation, security and ongoing maintenance.  Our offering lowers your costs by removing the need to invest in on premise data centres, hardware and dev ops teams, it also increased performance by having 24-hour CMS and Networking specialists constantly monitoring uptime and performance.

Cloud Architecture Design

Our team of enterprise CMS enterprise architects are on hand to work closely with your dev-ops and business teams, understanding your needs before designing a custom cloud solution that is secure, resilient, scales for future growth and allows departments to plan budgets.

More than just server maintenance

Whether you choose to use our cloud solution, or already have your own, we can provide round the clock support to ensure your systems are running smooth.  We’re constantly working with our customers to plan up-and-coming digital marketing campaigns to ensure your customers receive the best possible online experience.   Our managed services also provide consultancy time to help implement and rollout campaigns and features.

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