where are you headed?

Though you may be working with an excellent platform, it’s not uncommon for business goals to change resulting in your current system no longer being the right digital platform for you.

We’re proud to work with a number of the leading content management systems currently on the market. Content Bloom helps companies find their perfect fit when choosing a CMS and we’ve assisted a number of customers in selecting, planning, and migrating into a platform that fits their specific goals and budget.

Migrating to Your New CMS

We’ve seen first-hand what happens when companies try to tackle their migration alone. Internal development teams are inevitably spread too thin and there’s a quicksand effect. Because they’re unable to balance the platform switch with business-as-usual tasks, it inhibits anyone from taking on improvement work and nothing progresses fast enough. Since enterprise tools come with support contracts tied to the license, companies find themselves paying for both platforms during the migration process while still not achieving their goals.


With countless projects under our belt, we’ve developed a number of custom tools to automate many parts of the migration process; moving your data out of your existing platform and ensuring the integrity of your content remains intact. With our CMS migration expertise, we’ve transferred entire environments to a new system in a matter of weeks. Our proficiency in this area means your team can focus on other goals, while we ensure your migration is a success.


Our experience covers migrations in and out of the following platforms:

  • SDL Tridion
  • Adobe AEM
  • Sitecore
  • Umbraco

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