SDL Knowledge Center

Your Global Structured Content. Managed.

SDL Knowledge Center brings together structured content management, collaborative review and dynamic delivery to enable companies to easily create compelling and useful content, and manage that content through all the relevant touchpoints in the customer journey.

Knowledge Center is powered by the DITA structured content standard and offers a powerful interface to easily create, manage and publish content.

Out-of-the-box functionality includes a powerful Content Delivery API, Personalization, Intelligent Search, Social Media and Analytics.

Our Knowledge Center Services

  • Installations, upgrades and implementation
  • Customized DITA content
  • Dynamic Content Services
  • Web and Mobile Application Content Delivery
  • Data Integrations and Automation
  • Create Customized Workflow review processes
  • Translation Management and Localization

If you’re looking to extend your SDL Knowledge Center implementation and would like to know how we can help, contact us to talk with our team.